Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, and finding the right home in the Green Bay / Brown County Area  at the right price is a process that varies for every buyer. At Express Realty our professionals we will work closely with you to determine exactly what type of home you’re looking for, and help you find it, whether it’s a cozy starter home or more rustic country estate.

Why should I use a real estate broker?
In today’s world, buying residential real estate can be a complicated process for both buyers and sellers. Using a licensed real estate agent that you trust gives you the freedom to concentrate on finding the home you love, and you can relax knowing that you have a professional to help you work through the maze and all the details from financing and negotiation, right up to closing.

How many homes will I have to look at before I find the one I want?
This is different for everyone. At Express Realty our agents will spend the time necessary to determine what your needs and wants are so that we can locate and arrange showings for only those area homes that meet your exact criteria.

I’ve never done this before – where do I start?
For buyers, the first step is determining how much you can afford to spend on your new home. We have experience in all areas of the market, and look forward to assisting you whether you are a first-time home buyer, or a seasoned investor. Express Realty and our MLS listings offer a range of properties for every buyer.

Thinking of selling your? It’s a big decision, and you’ll want to be sure you have an agent who knows the market inside and out. Express Realty, and our real estate agents will use our combined experience and knowledge to prepare a CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) that will show you the value of your home compared to similar area homes for sale. Our long history of living and working right here in the Green Bay / Brown County Area means we know and understand the local real estate market.

Real Estate Terms:


  • Appraisal: A professional written analysis of the value of a property based upon the sales of similar homes in the same area.
  • Earnest Money: This refers to the initial deposit you present when your make an offer on a home. This money is deposited into the real estate agent’s escrow account until closing.
  • Closing Costs: The term closing costs refers to the cost of preparing and processing the paperwork to buy your home. These costs include lender fees, property taxes, homeowners insurance, and attorney fees. Your lender will provide you with a Good Faith Estimate when you make a home loan application.
  • MLS: This refers to the “Multiple Listing Service”, a shared service between a group of brokers to exchange information on homes for sale. Exposure through an MLS is comprehensive for both buyer and seller.